Namo Bhagawathey Vasudevaya
Namo Bhagawathey Rama Roopaya
Namo Bhagawathey Shyama Roopaya [ Namo Bhagawathey ]
Rama Rahim Krishna Karim Yesu Buddha Mahavir
Sarva Dharma Priya Sai Devaya
Sarva Dharma Priya Sai Roopaya

I bow down to Lord who is the son of Vasudeva, I worship the Lord in the form of Rama, I prostrate the Lord in the form of Krishna or the blue-colored Lord Rama He is Rama, Krishna; Rahim and Karim, Merciful and compassionate (names of Allah), Jesus Christ, Buddha and Mahavir. I bow down to Lord Sai who is fond of all faiths.
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