Padmanabha Hrishikesha Padma Netra Paahi
Janardhana Damodara Jala Janabha Paahi [ Padmanabha Hrishikesha ]
Vishwa Roopa Veda Vidya Vimala Charitha Paahi
Parthi Vasa Sai Deva Parama Purusha Paahi

We pray to the Lord with the Lotus (creation) springing from the navel (Padmanabha). Who is the Overlord of the sensory world, the Lotus eyed one, we salute you. You are the One who removes ignorance of devotees to escape the cycle of birth and death; Damodara, the one who was tied by the waist, by his mother, Yashoda; You are the all pervasive Universal form, preceptor of the Vedic knowledge of blemishless character; We pray to that primordial Lord born as Parthi Sai.
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