Rama Kodanda Rama Rama Pattabhi Rama Rama Kalyana Rama Raghava
Rama Sita Pathi Rama Neevey Gathi
Rama Neeku Mrokkiti Rama Nee Chey Jikkiti [ Rama Kodanda ... ]
Rama Neekokka Mata Rama Nakokka Moota
Rama Nee Paatey Paata Rama Nee Baatey Baata [ Rama Kodanda ... ]
Rama Neekevaru Todu Rama Kreeganta Choodu
Rama Nenu Neevadu Rama Natho Mathadu [ Rama Kodanda ... ]
Rama Naamamey Melu Rama (Swami) Chintaney Chaalu
Nee Naamamey Melu Nee Chintaney Chaalu
Naamamey Melu Chintaney Chaalu
Rama Neevu Nannelu Rama Raayadey Chaalu [ Rama Kodanda ... ]

Lord Rama who bears the Bow and arrow, the crowned King of Ayodhya, Rama, born for the welfare of entire Humanity. There is no refuge other than You, Oh Lord Rama consort of Sita. Rama, I pleaded with You, Oh Lord, I got the support of your benevolent hand, Oh Rama, Your One word is enough to contemplate and that is equivalent to a sack full (moota). Rama, there is no song other than the song about You, there is no path other than the way to You. Oh Rama, who is there for your company, why don't you look at me? I am yours Oh Lord, please converse with me. Chanting the name of Rama is better, Contemplating on Rama is enough. Please protect me, Oh Lord Rama, Your name alone is enough.

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