National Service Projects

There is no greater sadhana than service to one's fellowmen done in selfless spirit. Ignoring the sufferings of others, if you engage yourself in meditation or other devotional activity it has no spiritual value at all. It is only one form of selfishness. 

Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 17 (1984) 

All opportunities of service should be regarded as an offering to God and every opportunity to serve should be welcomed as a gift from God. When you serve in this spirit, in due course, it will lead you to attain self-realization. 

Divine Discourse, Nov 19, 1987 


For many of us and our neighbors, these are trying times.  There is no better time than now to take advantage of His Grace and act on the words of our dear Lord.  We are very fortunate as Swami is constantly providing us many gifts and opportunities to redeem our lives.  The Regional Service Coordinators have been working hard to come up with several projects that we can all use to serve our society.  Let us all Unite as a nation and participate in as many of these noble endeavors that we can.  These five projects, outlined below, will be a wonderful way to join together to make an offering for the upcoming SSIO-USA Unity Conference 2020 during Labor Day Weekend. 

National Service Projects: (click on blue hyperlinks for detailed information)

  1. SAI Tutoring

    • Scheduled sessions arranged with guidance from the child’s teacher.
  2. Back to School Initiatives  

    • When establishing contact for the SAI Tutoring above, the following initiatives can also be pursued, by asking the school, club or organization what help they can use to obtain needed supplies for students, according to their guidelines and specifications:
      1. Backpacks: Which can be filled with School Supplies (Notebooks, Writing Instruments, Coloring Instruments, etc.) and a Hygiene Kit for each student (PPE, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, etc.)
      2. Laptops and Internet Connectivity:  Provide the student with a laptop and good internet connectivity ( to support the online classes that are likely the norm due to COVID-19.)
      3. Tutoring Help Line: manned by a pool of S.A.I tutoring volunteers to provide unscheduled /on-demand tutoring (supplementing the scheduled sessions introduced in the National SAI Tutoring project)   
  3. Plant a Tree

    • Important service to our planet that will benefit us all.  The goal is to plant at least 95 trees this year in our regions to commemorate our beloved Swami’s 95th Birthday. 
  4. Helping Local Shelters/ Food Pantry/ Homeless:    

    • Approach community shelters, food pantries, and homeless services organizations and based on their needs and requirements, provide supplies, food items, etc.
  5. Homemade Mask and PPE

    • Ongoing project done across regions as long as the need in our communities is present.