Whenever any calamity occurs at any place in the country, you should rush there and help the people. You should not treat them as different from you. Do not harbour the feeling of separateness. Cultivate the feeling of oneness and participate in social service.

Sathya Sai Baba, May 3, 2000

In order to serve our brethren around the world in their time of greatest need – after a devastating disaster event - the Sathya Sai International Ognanization (SSIO) established the International Disaster Relief Committee (IDRC). Since its inception in 2013, the IDRC and SSIO members from various countries have served in multiple global relief missions, including: Haiti, Philippines, Nepal, Fiji, Ecuador, Italy, USA (including Virgin Islands and territories such as Puerto Rico); among others.

To support the IDRC’s global mission, the SSIO-USA created the National Disaster Relief Team or NDRT. Its primary goals are to:

  • Develop an SSIO-USA force that can adequately respond to major disaster events and support SSIO relief missions, locally and abroad.
  • Provide emergency awareness, resources and training to Sai Center members and disaster relief volunteers across the US.
  • Support the mission of the SSIO’s International Disaster Relief Committee (IDRC).

The NDRT’s core team is composed of leaders and volunteers from around the country, in the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Community Engagement
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Mission Volunteer
  • Operations
  • Policy
  • Training

To join the NDRT leadership team or to become a mission volunteer, or to simply stay in touch with our network, please:

Download NDRT Brochure