Devotion to the Lord is only a form of discipline to reach the goal. Seekers should not stop with acquisition of devotion; they should pay attention not so much to the devotion or love that they have toward the Lord but to the love and grace that the Lord bestows on them! They must be always eager to find out which behavior, what acts will be most pleasing to the Lord, will fill the Lord with bliss (ananda). Inquire about that, yearn for that, carry out the things that will secure that objective, be engaged in acts conducive to gain it, that is real devotion (bhakthi).

Gita Vahini, Ch. 21

Ten Guiding Principles:

1. Love and serve your country. Do not be critical of others' countries.
2. Honor all religions for each is a pathway to God.
3. Love all people without distinction; know that humanity is a single community.
4. Keep home and surroundings clean.
5. Help people to become self-reliant. Provide food and shelter, love and care, for the sick and the aged.
6. Be examples of honesty. Do not participate in any corruption such as bribery.
7. Do not develop jealousy, hatred, or envy on any account.
8. Develop self-reliance; become your own servant before proceeding to serve others.
9. Adore God, abhor sin.
10. Observe your country's laws and be an exemplary citizen.

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 18/Ch. 23, Nov. 21, 1985