In November 2023, a team of Young Adults (YAs) from the Mid-Atlantic Region of SSSIO-USA embarked on a mission to create a podcast series Sai Stories of Unconditional Love (SOUL) 100. Their goal? To honor Sathya Sai Baba’s 100th birthday with 100 inspirational stories from His devotees.

Inspired by the concept of Sravanam (hearing His divine glories), Sai SOUL 100 offers a contemporary way to connect Sai teachings. The brainchild of the Regional Officers of the Mid-Atlantic Region of SSSIO-USA, the podcast is predominantly a YA-led endeavor where each member brings their unique talents and passions – from video editing to social media – to contribute to its success.

Despite not all having seen Sri Sathya Sai Baba in person, the dedication of the YAs is unwavering. With over 30 episodes already aired weekly online, Sai SOUL 100 shares stories from interviewing devotees of diverse backgrounds from across the region. The podcast uncovers hidden gems – powerful experiences condensed into bite-sized, 30-minute episodes.

The Sai community has warmly embraced the podcast with viewership growing steadily with each episode. Listeners are treated to discussions on the power of faith, service, miracles, and connections that bind us. To date, their YouTube channel boasts of approximately 600 subscribers. Seasoned media leaders like Pravin Wagh and Aravind Balasubramanya have provided invaluable guidance, elevating the podcast's creativity and professionalism.

The result? A rich tapestry of content. From insightful discussions on life's complexities to soul-stirring experiences, SOUL 100 beckons listeners to explore the depths of human experience at their own leisure. Each episode empowers individuals and the community by sharing inspiring narratives that foster self-growth, resilience, and a stronger sense of belonging.

Join SSSIO-USA Mid-Atlantic Region on their mission. Tune in to Sai SOUL 100, one story of unconditional love at a time.