September 2022

Featured articles include Day on the Beach, Santa Cruz, CA, Celebrating Earth Day, San Jose, CA, and Free Community Medical Camp, Baton Rouge, LA.

August 2022

Featured articles include Groceries for Afghan Refugees, Mid-Central Region, Food Drive for Sister Carmen Community Center, Boulder, CO, Sri Sathya Sai Center of Miami Central Celebrates 41st Anniversary, and Sai Cares, Helping our fellow Sai Center members.

July 2022

Featured articles include Service at the Food Pantry, Charlottesville, VA, Where there is Love, there is Sai. Welcome to Sai Prema Nilayam, Gardening to serve Afghan Refugees, Austin, TX, and Serving Hot meals to the Homeless, South Houston, TX.

June 2022

Featured articles include Stream and Park Clean up, Mid-Atlantic Region; Second Harvest Food Bank, Orlando, FL; Confetti to being Considerate- Nature Preserve Cleanup, Chicago, IL, and National Refugee Support Spotlight 2022 Summary.

May 2022

Featured articles include Care Bags for Chicagoland Schools, Chicago West Suburbs, IL, Diaper Service, Greater Phoenix, AZ, Helping Afghan Refugees Resettle, Houston, Texas and SSSIO-USA Free Healthcare Screening Camps.

April 2022

Featured articles include Clothing Drive to Help Needy Children in India, Fairfax, VA, Tutoring Refugee Students, Atlanta, GA, Clothing Drive for an Underserved Elementary School, Pacific North Region and See Always Inside, Jemez Springs, NM.

March 2022

Featured articles include Care Packages for College Students from Foster Care, Northeast Region, Afghan Families Resettlement Service, Columbia, MO, Los Angeles Food Bank, Southern California and Snack bags for the Homeless, Little Rock, AR.

February 2022

Featured articles include SSE Backpack Service, Chelmsford, MA, Food Service for impoverished families of ESWA, Atlantic City, NJ, SSE Braille Cards Project, Central San Jose, CA and SSE Uplifting the Sai Community with Technology, Dallas, TX.

January 2022

Featured articles include Afghan Refugee Resettlement Project Grocery Service, Greater Boston Area, MA, Samaritan's Purse Shoebox Project, Seattle, WA, The Warmth of Food, Love and Perseverance, Ventura, CA and Food service & Winter Jacket Donation for Halfway Home Residents, Austin, TX.

December 2021

Featured articles include Mobile Food Service, Atlantic City, NJ, Hygiene Kits for Elementary School Children, Orlando, FL, Free Health Camp, St. Louis, MO and Food and World Bird Sanctuary honors SSSIO, St. Louis, MO.

November 2021

Across 10 regions of the Sri Sathya Sai Organization, service projects are initiated and managed for the communities within those regions.

October 2021

Featured articles include Back to School Supplies, South Houston, TX, Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief, South Central Region, Service as a Way of Life, Mid-Central Regional Retreat and Food and Sai Spiritual Education Summer Camp 2021, Mid-Central Region.

September 2021

Featured articles include Spring Fest for Sai Young Adults, North Central Region, Comfort Care Blankets, Lincoln-Omaha, NE  , City House Outreach, Dallas, TX and Food and Clothing Distribution at Harmony House, Houston, TX.

August 2021

Featured articles include Relief for Victims of Volcanic Eruption in St. Vincent Island, New Jersey, Tree Planting Service, North Houston, TX , Motherly love at the Cow Sanctuary, Nashville, TN and Second Chance Initiative, Pacific Northwest Region.

June 2021

Featured articles include Grab and Go Meals, Norwalk, CT , Aradhana Day Service Activities, Loudoun, VA, Hygiene Kits for Homeless Students, Southern California, ‘Help Ever, Waste Not’, Mesa, AZ and Stress Management Workshop, San Antonio, TX .

May 2021

Featured articles include Blessings in a Backpack, Lexington, KY, Hygiene Bags for Homeless Women, Pacific Northwest Region, USA, Sai Care Women’s Kits for the Homeless, Colorado and Service at the Gaushala, North Houston, TX.

April 2021

Featured articles include Service during the pandemic, Jersey City, NJ, The Vital ‘VITA’, Mesa, AZ, Winter Kits Service, Seattle, WA, Texas freeze, South Houston, TX and Serving at International Medical Camps, Parthi, India.

March 2021

Featured articles include SAI Math Academy at Hayward Unified School District, Northern California, Spreading love through filling stomachs, San Diego, CA, Homeless but not Hopeless!, Albuquerque, NM, and SSE Teachers Training, Northeast Region, USA.

February 2021

Featured articles include SSE E-waste Collection Drive, North Central Region, USA, Hurricane Disaster Relief - Pies and Supplies. South Central Region, USA, New Year’s Meal Bag Service, North Houston, TX, Recycle your Bicycle, Phoenix, AZ and Virtual Caroling, Chelmsford, MA.,

January 2021

Featured articles include Season Of Caring And Sharing, Chelmsford, MA, Backpacks, Groceries, Wildfire relief, San Diego, CA, Baltimore, MD, Love in Action, Phoenix, AZ, Christmas cheer for hurricane victims, South Central Region and Using technology to enhance Sai spiritual connection, Mid-Central Region.

December 2020

Featured articles include Wildfire Relief, Grant Pass, OR, Harvesting Vegetables for the needy during COVID-19, Baltimore, MD, The Gift of Groceries at the White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles, CA, Sai Garden in every home and every heart, Dallas, TX and Satsangs in the Cloud, Memphis, TN.

November 2020

Across 10 regions of the Sri Sathya Sai Organization, service projects are initiated and managed for the communities within those regions.

October 2020

Featured articles include Feeding our Fellow Men during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Seattle, WA, The 15th year anniversary of the Ashland Free Medical Clinic, San Lorenzo, CA, Stuff the Bus, Salt Lake City, UT, Coming Clean, North San Diego, CA and Rethinking Devotional Singing - Bhajan Karoake, Fremont, CA,

September 2020

Featured articles include Liquid Love to Save a Life – Blood Drive, St. Louis, MO, Bahamas Disaster Relief, South Florida, Robotics Clubs in Elementary Schools, Austin, TX, A Community Collaboration during the Pandemic, St. Louis, MO and Virtual SSE Graduation, North East Region.

August 2020

Featured articles include Turning Inward to Turning Outward, Rochester, NY, Mid-Atlantic Region's COVID-19 Pandemic Response, “Inner-net with Sai”, Region 3’s First Virtual Retreat, A Day with Baba, Nashville,TN and Meal Distribution at St. Vinny’s Bistro, San Antonio, TX.

July 2020

Featured articles include COVID-19 MASK Project, Southwest Region, USA, Face Mask Project, Greater Seattle, WA, Highway Cleanup, Milwaukee, WI, Understanding the Backstories of those we serve, Chatsworth, CA and Tutoring Service at Voices Academy, San Jose, CA.

Guru Poornima 2020

Featured articles include Service Initiatives during COVID-19 pandemic, National Devotion Activities during the pandemic , Fostering SSE students' spirituality during the pandemic and A review of service activities in the USA.

June 2020

Featured articles include Caregivers Grocery Project, Greater Boston, MA, Kids 4 our Community, Denver, Colorado, Silver Lining behind Quarantine Days, Pacific South Region, USA and Virtual Sathya Sai Center Meeting, Seattle Eastside, WA.

May 2020

Featured articles includeFace Shields for Caregivers, Columbia, MO, Hygiene Kits for Elementary School Children, Greensboro, NC, Knots of Love, South Bethesda, MD and The Story of a Sai Service Center, San Bruno, CA.

April 2020

Featured articles include Xmas Food Service, Jersey City, NJ, Okeeheelee Park Cleanup, West Palm Beach, FL, SSE Food Service for Families in Transition, San Diego, CA and Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Austin, Texas.

March 2020

Featured articles include Community Service Fair, Greater Boston, MA, National Salute to Veteran Patients Week, Louisville, KY , Andre House Feeding Service, Phoenix, AZ and Angel Tree Project, Dallas, Texas.

February 2020

Featured articles include Walk for Values, Charlotte, NC, Festival of Faiths, Cincinnati, OH , Embrace Welcome Box Project, Pacific Northwest Region and Thanksgiving Pie Distribution, Houston, Texas.

January 2020

Featured articles include Winter Coat Drive in Indianapolis, IN, VNA Meals on Wheels in Dallas, Texas , Free Health Fair in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta Heart Walk in Atlanta, Georgia.

December 2019

Featured articles include Hurricane Harvey Post-Disaster Home Restoration in Houston, Texas, Sharing the Spirit of Halloween with the Community, Unity Retreat Service in Colorado.

November 2019

Featured articles include Honoring Firefighters, Dallas, TX, Sai Chat ~SSE Outreach Program, San Jose, CA, Baby Shower for Refugee women, Des Moines, IA and Sathya Sai Center Celebrates 25th Anniversary, Columbia, MO.

October 2019

Featured articles include 95 Adopted Communities Global Initiative, World Bird Sanctuary, MO, Zone 1 Young Adult Festival, Chicago, IL, Human Values Festival at a public library, North Bergen, NJ and Spirit of Unity Concert, Fremont, CA.

September 2019

Featured articles include Tornado Disaster Relief, Franklin, Texas, SSE Vegetable Garden, Louisville, Kentucky, 95 Adopted Communities Global Initiative, Santa Ana, Southern California and Plastic bag and polystyrene foam ban, Northborough, MA.

August 2019

Featured articles include Burrito service by SSE children, South Bethesda, MD, Public Meeting in Raleigh, NC, Blankets of Love in Seattle, WA and Race with His Grace in St. Louis, MO.

July 2019

Featured articles include Go-Green Service in Mid-Atlantic Region, Walk for Values in SE Denver, CO and Medical Camp in South Bethesda, MD & Falls Church, VA.

June 2019

Featured articles include free health screening with community partners in Hartford, CT, Say NO to plastics - Beach Cleanup, Detroit, MI, Camp Wildfire Disaster Relief in Northern California, and Multi-faith Conference inSanta Ana, California

May 2019

Featured articles include Human Values Festival 2019, Austin, TX, Inauguration of New Prayer Hall, Greater St. Louis, MO, Free Eye Camp, Clearwater, Florida and Health Screening 2019, Corona, California.

April 2019

Featured articles include Sai Spiritual Education in the Community, Denver, CO, Free Healthcare in Atlanta, GA, Sai Parenting Workshop in South Bethesda, MD and Podiatry Free Medical Camp in Clearwater, FL.

March 2019

Featured articles include Comfort Cases to Assist Children in Foster Care, South Bethesda, MD, Tutoring Somali Refugees, Des Moines, IA, Winter Clothing Drive by YAs, Seattle, WA, and Oxnard Medical Camp, Southern California.

February 2019

Featured articles include Fun Day for Underprivileged Children, Hayward, Northern California, Celebrating our everyday heroes,Dallas, TX, Interfaith Celebration Through Song, Pittsburgh, PA, and Disaster Relief for Hurricane Michael.

December 2018

Featured articles include Fun Day for Underprivileged Children, Hayward, Northern California, Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief, North Carolina, Service by SSE children, Loudoun, VA, and Free Healthcare Fair, St. Ann City, MO.

November 2018

Featured articles include Adult Care Service in Sloatsburg, NY, SSEHV training in Phoenix, AZ, Multi-faith event in St. Louis, MO, and Bone Marrow drive in Mid-Atlantic Region.

October 2018

Featured articles include distributing and installing air conditioning units to needy homes in Houston, TX, 9/11 peace prayers and picnic in Palo Alto, CA., free medical camp in Los Angeles, CA, and health screening in Falls Church, VA.

September 2018

Featured articles include human values festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, walk for values in St. Louis, Missouri, free medical camp in Southern California, and gardening service project at the Willow Bend Environmental Center in Flagstaff, Arizona,

August 2018

Featured articles include dental treatment camp in St. Petersburg, Florida, monthly program at Juvenile Detention Center, Houston, Texas, largest single-day food drive in Seattle, Washington, and Serve the Planet initiatives in St. Louis, Missouri.

July 2018

Featured articles include medical camp in Jasper, Texas, refugee relief in Seattle, Washington, collecting excess fresh produce left in the fields in West Palm Beach, Florida, and easter egg hunt in Boston, Massachusetts.

June 2018

Featured articles include hurricane disaster relief in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, tutoring at-risk first graders in Detroit, public meeting in Grant Pass, Oregon, and free medical screening in Oxnard, Southern California.

April 2018

Featured articles include Santa Rosa wildfire disaster relief, community emergency response team training in Southeast Denver, and service initiative to assist Sai Center members in need in mid-atlantic region.

December 2017

Featured articles include community outreach and family-centric festival on human values in Texas, interfaith conference in Santa Ana, California, which highlighted speakers from major religions and Indigenous faith, rural village service as part of the USA National Pilgrimage in July, and more.

June 2017

Featured articles include loving service to the Bodhi Manda Zen Center at Jemez Springs in New Mexico, music workshop in Boston, first Spanish public meeting in metropolitan New York, and more.