"Mere textual knowledge without practical knowledge becomes "allergy". On the other hand, when bookish knowledge is transformed into practical knowledge, it becomes "energy". You wish to know what real knowledge is: that which has been acquired by practice is the real knowledge. That alone would entitle you to the epithet manavatwa (humanness). Embodiments of Love! All that we teach to others must be supported by practice." -Sathya Sai Baba on April 11, 2005


Sai Ram! 

With love and gratitude to Bhagawan, we are happy to announce that the first National SSE Refresher-Enrichment will be conducted on Sunday July 19 and July 26. This course is required for all trained SSE teachers. To register- https://tinyurl.com/sserefresher

Each region has been conducting an in-person enrichment/refresher workshops once or twice a year. Since most of our meetings are now conducted virtually, we received several requests for an online National refresher. Here is a brief overview of aspects that are unique about the National refresher and those that are similar to an in-person training. 

Unique aspects

  1. All elements of this event have been developed based on direct input from Regional and Center coordinators (over 80 respondents).
  2. Each workshop team is co-lead by two Regional Education Coordinators, an advisor (senior and experienced SSE teacher) and core team of coordinators and teachers representing all regions with a strong and diverse background. 
  3. Content development based on initial input from teachers/coordinators and from the registration form's responses. 
  4. Collaborative learning among teachers of the same SSE group, yet across regions. 
  5. Breakout room for small group discussions. 

Similar to in-person training

  1. One workshop topic for all attendees. (No concurrent sessions) 
  2. Given the interactive nature of workshops, recording is NOT possible. 


Sunday July 19 | 3pm - 7pm EDT | 2pm - 6pm CDT | Noon - 4pm PDT



Session 1

Child Development-Creating a New Mindset

A) Teachers will become familiar with development patterns and behaviors of children in every SSE group.

B) Teachers will examine the importance of being accepting, responsive and firm in class.

C) Teachers will put into practice the above concepts in a simulated classroom setting.

Session 2

An Essential Partnership



A) Why- to understand why parent-teacher partnership is essential to the success of the SSE student and program.

B) What- learn what a teacher can do to build and maintain strong connections with the parents of their SSE students.

C) How- share tools and techniques on how a teacher can overcome challenges (submitted via the registration survey).


Sunday July 26 | 1pm-5pm EDT | Noon-4pm CDT | 10am-2pm PDT



Session 1

Head, Heart, Hand- Life Application


A) To be able to create simple, specific and concrete life applications to practice

B) To bring out a new understanding in our lives from Swami’s teachings

C) To experience the connection with our inner SELF Through Unity in Thought, Word and Deed

Session 2

Ready, Sai, Go

All participants will have a chance to enhance the value of incorporating activities, thereby increasing its impact and enriching their overall knowledge in order to blossom the divinity within.  

Bookmark this page and stay tuned for more information.

Jai Sai Ram!