There are many valuable lessons to be learnt from Prakrithi (Nature). Trees distribute their fruits and grant their shade to everyone, even to those who lay their axe on them with intention to destroy them! Mountains suffer heat, rain and storm without demur (protest), and are plunged in meditation for ages. Birds do not hoard for years together, the wherewithal for food or shelter; they do not use more than is absolutely necessary for their survival. Nature is your school, your laboratory, the gateway to liberation and the reflection of God's manifold majesty. Seek to know the lessons it is ready to teach; all things in Nature are Brahman (God) just as you are. So, every act is Divine; all work is worship; build the mansion of your life on the strong foundation of the faith that all creation is Divine.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, July 2007

An important step in caring for the environment is education on environmental issues and the manner the environment can be cared for.  In addition to workshops, seminars and conferences, several position papers and publications are released by the Sri Sathya Sai Organization to educate and enlighten the members.

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The Environmental Sustainability Hub provides insights, tips and resources to help you develop the spiritual connection between yourself and Nature and to live a more environmentally conscious life.

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