Turning Inward to Turning Outward, Rochester, NY

The YAs and SSE children of the Sathya Sai Center of Rochester, NY created online reading resources for children from low-income families in the Lower East side of New York City, by video-recording themselves reading aloud their favorite childhood books. A wonderful example of an online service project being carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mid-Atlantic Region's COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Sathya Sai Centers in the Mid-Atlantic Region undertook a variety of service activities to serve communities severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The service activities included making face masks and contactless food service for hospital staff, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and group homes.

“Inner-net with Sai”, Region 3’s First Virtual Retreat

The Southeast Region held their first Virtual retreat in face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The one-day event featured former students from SSIHL and a well-known musician from India. A panel of former students regaled the audience with humorous stories drawn from their experiences with Sai.

A Day with Baba, Nashville,TN

The SSE students of Sathya Sai Center of Nashville muse on how they would spend “A Day with Baba”.

Meal Distribution at St. Vinny’s Bistro, San Antonio, TX

Members of the San Antonio Sathya Sai Center helped prepare hot meals every week for distribution to St. Vinny’s Bistro, that serves the homeless in downtown San Antonio, TX.