The Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Boulder, Colorado bought food items to help fill the pantry at Sister Carmen Community Center (SCCC) in Lafayette, Colorado. The SCCC, a member of the Family Resource Network, helps people who are experiencing poverty, including the underemployed, recently unemployed, seniors, people with disabilities and families in need.

Members purchased items on the SCCC’s wish list and stored the items at their homes. A few Sai volunteers collected and delivered the donations to the SCCC, following COVID precautions throughout.

The service project helped SCCC to meet its goal of collecting up to 1033 pounds of food and non-food items. The SCCC Food Manager, who accepted the donations, repeatedly said the delivery was “incredible and awesome,” and was astounded that as few as a dozen members had made such an “incredibly” large donation.

One volunteer reflected on the service: “I have been directly involved in a few service activities with the Sister Carmen Community Center over the years. Their organization is always very grateful for our contributions, but they were especially pleased during our recent food drive. I learned from the SCCC staff that the timing of our donation was perfect because with the pandemic, they were low on food items while the demand had continued to increase. It brought even more joy to my heart to think that our Center members had been divinely motivated to provide what was needed at the appropriate time. Also, seeing the Food Manager’s amazement that our small center was able to donate such a large amount of food made me realize that the Lord had opened our members’ hearts to donate beyond what could have been expected. If we’re open to Serving All, Sri Sathya Sai Baba always provides when there is a need. I look forward to continuing to serve SCCC, as they are such a needed resource for our community and those in need.”