SAI Sweet-A-Thon, SSE Virtual Bake-off, North-Central Region

The SSE Student Council of the SSSIO-USA North-Central Region held a fun-filled SAI Sweet-A-Thon, a virtual baking competition to encourage SSE teams across the region to bake desserts that were healthy, made with Sathwic ingredients, in a hygienic manner, and with least harm to the environment. In the process, the students learned a lesson about the importance of nourishing the body as well and mind and spirit.

Tree Planting at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Retreat

At the recent SSSIO-USA Mid-Atlantic Regional Retreat, about 30 Sai volunteers helped plant 27 trees at the retreat site in the Pocono Mountains, one tree for each center in the region. Led by Sai volunteers with expertise, members learned about the invaluable role trees play in the ecosystem and how the SSSIO tree planting initiatives are vital to saving the earth. SSSIO members were encouraged to continue with such tree planting initiatives within their own communities.

Caring for animals at a shelter, Louisville, KY

Members of Sri Sathya Sai Center of Louisville, KY visited the Animal Care Society that rescues neglected, abused and senior pets. While the children showered loving attention on the cats, other Sai volunteers helped prepare various treats and toys, and cleaned up the shelter. They all felt gratified having heeded Sai’s message to extend love and compassion to animals.

Garden Beautification, Sacramento, CA

In June 2023, members of Sri Sathya Sai Center of Sacramento, CA, participated in a garden beautification project at the Lakshmi Narayan temple in Sacramento, CA. Participants reflect on the value of planting greenery as a way to revere Mother Nature, promote their own mental and physical well-being, create a healthy and clean environment, and improve the overall quality of life for all beings.