SSSIO members in St. Louis, MO held a free Health Camp on October 9, 2021, for the local underserved and mainly Hispanic community at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Ferguson, St. Louis County, MO. All COVID-19 precautions were observed. Registrants were provided with blue surgical masks; all volunteers, interpreters and healthcare professionals were given KN95 masks and face shields; and sanitizers were provided at all service stations.

This year, services were limited to BMI measurement, blood pressure check, blood sugar and blood lipids tests, nutritional health, flu shots, consultation with doctors and defective infant car seat replacements for child safety. Attendees also received school supplies and non-perishable grocery items. In addition, everyone received a brown bag lunch consisting of fresh vegetarian Subway sandwiches, chips and fruits.

There were 15 healthcare professionals, 25 non-medical Sai volunteers, and 18 bilingual interpreters, who happily donated their time to serve about 33 attendees. Many of the services were provided by the SSM St. Louis University Health, Cardinal Glennon Hospital, and Alton Memorial Hospital. Interpreters were provided by St. Louis University, Language Access Multicultural People (LAMP) and Pfizer.

The dedication of the volunteers and the gratitude of the registrants were palpable and deeply felt by all. There was a sense of unity of purpose as volunteers worked diligently to serve all. 

A healthcare professional commented, “It feels great to serve as many as possible. But it feels amazing to know that even one person's life is made a little better because we were able to give them what they are craving the most- time! We gave them time, so they felt heard, completely heard.” A volunteer commented, “God’s love was abundantly felt in this camp. All volunteers were communicating with the attendees with such friendliness and smiling faces, as if we all had known each other for a long time. I felt the strong bond between volunteers and interpreters, and attendees.”

A bilingual interpreter said, “This organization opens its heart and demonstrates how this commitment to “Love All - Serve All” indeed benefits us all. I am proud of the small part I play in this health fair.”