The SSSIO–USA South Central Region held a health screening camp between 8 AM and 1 PM on April 15, 2023, at the Turning Point Church in Vidor, TX. The camp was organized in partnership with TAN Healthcare, Amerigroup, and Southeast Texas Food Bank, all of whom were actively engaged in the planning and execution of this event. Planning for the camp started several weeks prior to the event. It involved securing and surveying the church facility, coordinating the activities of all providers, finalizing a layout, and publicizing the camp.

About 60 Sai volunteers from Houston, Austin, and Dallas traveled to Vidor, TX to serve at the health camp. They attended to more than 100 low-income individuals from the Greater Beaumont community. They worked cohesively with 25 volunteers from the partner organizations to ensure a smooth execution of the camp.

It began with a warm welcome at the registration desk. Guests were then ushered to a station where their height, weight and blood pressure were checked, and blood tests were carried out. Depending on their needs, each guest had the opportunity to meet one of the eight medically qualified personnel who had volunteered for the camp – physicians, a dentist or a foot specialist. Breast exams, and auditory and vision screenings were also made available. More than eight partner organizations hosted booths to disseminate valuable health-related information such as nutrition and smoking cessation.

Life Share Blood Center was present, providing all volunteers with an opportunity to donate blood through its mobile blood donation services.

Guests were treated with warm loving hospitality - they were treated to a delicious hot meal, received hygiene kits donated by the dentist, and had a chance to win raffle items. SSSIO members also delivered non-perishable food items to replenish the pantry at the church to be used for future distribution. All in all, the guests were deeply grateful for the services; many had not seen a doctor in years. Discussions are now underway to arrange additional medical camps in the Beaumont area within the coming months.

A Sai volunteer reflected, “This is my first experience serving at a medical camp in the US.  I began to appreciate just how much work is involved in preparing for a camp of this size, especially in a community like this. So many people were very friendly, and worked so closely with us, like they were just a part of us.” 

Carlene Womack, a Community Relations Representative from Amerigroup commented, “We had one individual whose blood pressure was at a stroke level.  The doctors referred him immediately to the ER and received a call back that he has sought further medical care. We had others who needed further treatment and have been connected with appropriate medical facilities. Even if one person got the medical attention they critically needed, the camp has been a real success! This marks my 20th year working with the Sai organization carrying out medical camps. I really enjoy being back with all of you and appreciate the expertise you bring to the table to help those in our community that need it.”