The Sathya Sai Centers of South Bethesda, MD and Falls Church, VA jointly conducted a Sai Medical Camp on June 8, 2019, at the Baltimore White Marsh Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Rosedale, MD.

Patients were greeted at the registration desk by volunteers and were offered free lunch lovingly prepared by volunteers on site. After patients were triaged by three registered nurses, they received health services from a team comprising a nurse practitioner and ten medical doctors including several internists and dentists, a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist and an ophthalmologist. The medical team was ably assisted by 44 non-medical volunteers. Seven interpreters were on hand to assist patients who only spoke Spanish. Patients were screened for obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other illnesses based on specific symptoms. Mental health service was also offered as a part of the medical camp. Many patients also opted to have dental and eye examinations. The patients appreciated the loving efforts of the volunteers and medical team.

In addition to a careful assessment and discussion with individual physicians, patients were also provided a summary of their medical report at an exit interview by the physician-in-charge. Those who had no access to health care were given information by the outreach nurse for follow-up at local free clinics.  Altogether, 81 patients were seen, including a handful of pediatric cases. Though the medical camp was scheduled to end at 5 pm, it was extended to 8 pm.

Many patients remarked that they were grateful for the time spent with the physicians, who patiently addressed their health concerns and provided invaluable information regarding their individual health issues. The pastor of the church thanked everyone for their effort and personally expressed his gratitude to each of the volunteers. He felt that God’s love was glorified in the many people who were being helped that day. Sai Center members eagerly concurred that they were indeed divinely inspired to selflessly serve the many patients who attended the camp.