Ladies Day Retreat, Greater Boston, MA

The SSSIO of the Greater Boston Area hosted a Ladies Day retreat on Nov 19, 2022. The program included several panel discussions covering a range of topics from financial awareness to self-care, as well as ways to incorporate sustainability in everyday life. Attendees heard sage advice from their elders. They also danced with gusto and were treated to a delicious lunch served graciously by Sai brothers.

Young at Heart Sai Senior Social, Dallas, TX

The Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Dallas treated their senior members to a memorable afternoon tea social in Plano, TX. The goal was to let senior members, who often remain in the background, be acknowledged, share their stories and cherished moments from their youth, and feel bonded with the rest of the Sai Center members.

SSE Easter Egg Hunt and Walk for Food, North Houston, TX

SSE children and their families from the Sri Sathya Sai Center of North Houston, TX spent a lovely day outdoors in a local nature preserve. They participated in a Walk for Food, during which they raised 150 food cans for a local shelter. They also took part in an Easter Egg Hunt, enjoyed eating pizza and bonding with their families.

SSSIO International Conference on Love and Service, Multi-faith Session

The SSSIO International Conference on Love and Service held in April 2023, opened with an inspiring and enlightening multi-faith session. It featured eminent faith leaders who spoke about the ideal of love and service within their own faith traditions.