The women of the Sri Sathya Sai Group of Orlando have been dedicated to bringing joy to those in need through thoughtful gift-giving projects.

In September 2023, seven members of the group joined together in great camaraderie to create gift packages for the women residing at Harbor House of Central Florida, a women's shelter in Orlando. They filled long pairs of socks of psychedelic colors with mini toiletries and manicure sets, and attached personal notes of encouragement and love to each gift sock aimed at brightening the recipients' day. The volunteers delivered around 40 gift socks, which were distributed to the shelter residents alongside breakfast items from the shelter staff. While privacy restrictions prevented them from meeting the residents directly, the volunteers felt a deep sense of satisfaction knowing they might have brought a smile to someone's face. Their efforts were further affirmed by a grateful phone call from the shelter staff.

This heartwarming project wasn't a one-time event.  In May 2024, in honor of Easwaramma Day, the ladies revisited the initiative with renewed enthusiasm. This time, they opted for gift bags filled with essential toiletries such as hand sanitizers, shampoo, conditioners, bodywash, deodorants, and cozy shawls or towels, ensuring both comfort and care for the shelter residents. The project resonated deeply with the volunteers, and one member even proposed incorporating it into their Ladies' Day lunch meetings, making it a regular act of kindness.

The Sri Sathya Sai Group of Orlando's story exemplifies the power of small acts of generosity. Through their thoughtful gifts and unwavering spirit, they continue to spread joy and make a positive impact on their community.