Since 2014, SSIO members of the Northeast Region have gathered every summer on the outskirts of Boston, MA for a full-day music workshop entitled "One Voice". The event brings together almost a hundred participants in blissful devotional singing as they learn about the unity of faiths through hymns sung in different languages and music from all over the world. Jointly organized by the young adults and the Sathya Sai Baba Centers in the area, One Voice is a beautiful opportunity for local and visiting devotees to share and learn unison songs in various languages. This year, we learnt songs in Portuguese, Spanish Nepali, Zulu and Marathi. In past years, our repertoire included songs in Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Punjabi, and Telugu. For attendees who are far from their native homeland, these hymns bring a great deal of nostalgia and tears to their eyes as they reminisce of home. For every participant, singing together in “One Voice,” accompanied by melodious instrumental music, reinforces the spiritual truth of the our Oneness across different faiths and cultures.

Recordings from One Voice 2016