Volunteers from the Sri Sathya Sai International Organization (SSSIO)-USA partnered with the India Association of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, TX to arrange a health screening camp at the India Cultural Center to serve the Greater Beaumont community. The free health screening camp was held on December 16 2023 between 8 AM and 1.30 PM. 

Planning for the camp started several weeks prior with a couple of SSSIO volunteers collaborating actively with the India Association members to survey the facility, coordinate the activities of the medical providers, finalize the layout, and publicize the camp to the Greater Beaumont community. There were many challenges leading up to the camp including doctors’ availability and unfavorable weather conditions till the very last minute!  It was indeed Divine grace and a miracle that the camp was finally held as scheduled.

On the day, about 60 guests sought health services at the camp from five doctors, and about 30 SSSIO volunteers, many of whom traveled several hours from Houston, Austin and Dallas to Beaumont to serve at the camp. The volunteers registered the arriving guests and ushered them through the camp, starting with a station where their height, weight and blood pressure were checked. Next, the guests completed blood work, cholesterol screening and depending on their needs, had the opportunity to meet with a physician, a dentist, or an optometrist. Guests were also  provided valuable tips about nutrition and healthy eating. In addition, raffle items and more than100 dental hygiene kits were prepared and distributed.  At the end, all guests were  treated to a healthy meal, 

Several students from India who were in the Beaumont area for their higher studies also attended the camp. They expressed their deepest gratitude for the healthcare they received, as they had very limited access to healthcare, Discussions are now underway to arrange additional medical camps in the Beaumont area in the future.

One SSSIO volunteer reflected on the experience. “For me the camp was a lovely way for many people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to serve a community. There was a sincere desire to help others and, in the process, help ourselves. Because in the end, service isn’t just for others. It is also for our own satisfaction and joy."