On 9 March 2019, a free health screening was held at the Corona High School in Corona, CA.  A total of 576 patients, primarily from the surrounding low-income neighborhood, were served. Forty-five medical volunteers, drawn mainly from the Corona community, including physicians, dentists, nurses and ancillary staff, served at the camp. Non-medical volunteers included SSIO members, high school students, nursing students and other members from the Corona community. Since the patients were from diverse ethnic backgrounds, volunteer Spanish translators were also on hand to assist.

A total of 428 free lab tests were carried out, 200 of which needed follow-up with a physician. In the dental department, cleanings and fluoride varnishes were provided at no cost to 170 patients. Forty-seven patients received free mammograms and 65 patients received free pap smear  tests. Ninety-five patients were referred for further care at a low-cost clinic.

Partnering with Lion’s Club Friends in Sight, a total of 412 patients were seen in the vision department. Forty patients needed prescriptions to be made at the optical lab and 326 received recycled eyeglasses. Of note, 161 patients received eyeglasses for the first time.                                                             

One first-time volunteer at the camp was a psychiatrist. She reminisced about her younger days studying at the Easwaramma High School in Puttaparthi, where the service she performed was mainly street sweeping. She remarked “It was wonderful to work at the Medical Camp in the Mental Health Unit, and meet and help people in the community. We set up a table outside with informational brochures and talked to people about their mental health issues.” She said her experience has inspired her to volunteer at future medical camps.

Service with love is the overarching theme of these medical camps. With complete surrender to God, it is truly He who works through all of the volunteers and spreads love to the entire community.  The smile on patients’ faces, the happiness of receiving medical care after many years, and the ability to receive social and mental health services make these medical camps worthwhile for all those involved.