Regional Service Videos 2021

The videos featured here highlight unique and impactful service projects undertaken by the ten regions in USA to commemorate Sri Sathya Sai Baba's 96th Birthday. We invite you to watch the inspirational videos exemplifying the dedicated and loving work carried out by members all over the United States of America! 

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Region 1, Northeast Region Service Projects

Service rendered by SSSIO members of Northeast Region in 2021 included monthly grocery delivery to low-income families of cancer patients and a clothing drive for the people of Guyana. An exciting development was the purchase of an old facility for use by Sri Sathya Sai Centers of the Greater Boston area, which SSSIO members refurbished and loaned out as space for a COVID vaccination site.

Region 2, Mid-Atlantic Region Service Projects

This video highlights service projects by SSSIO members of the Mid-Atlantic Region including a bi-weekly food service, tree planting and monthly clean-up of a cow sanctuary by adults and SSE children. The video also features Sai volunteers packing 96 hygiene kits on Ladies' Day to donate to a women’s shelter and delivering monthly groceries to 40-50 Native American families, the Mid-Atlantic Region’s adopted community.

Region 3, Southeast Region Service Projects

The video features SSSIO members of the Southeast Region striving to maintain their long-standing service projects despite challenges posed by the pandemic. They continued to feed the homeless and those in residential care facilities, and serve at the Salvation Army and Ronald McDonald House. Other projects included cleaning a highway through the nation-wide Adopt-a-Road program and donating blood to a local blood bank.

Region 4, Mid-Central Region Service Projects

SSSIO members of the Mid-Central Region undertook several service projects in the midst of the pandemic, including a free medical camp and a clothing drive for Afghan refugees. They donated backpacks of food, clothing and school supplies to needy children, and freshly cooked meals and essential items to underserved communities. Environmental service included volunteering at a cow sanctuary and at the World Bird Sanctuary.

Region 5, North-Central Region Service Projects

This video highlights Envirocare projects by SSSIO members in the North-Central Region, including a plastic bag collection drive by SSE children and an eco-restoration project initiated by young adults. The video also features SSSIO members making comfort care blankets for cancer patients. Finally, it shows young adults conducting a 6-week summer tutoring program for underserved children as well as a book drive for homeless children.

Region 6, Pacific North Region Service Projects

SSSIO members of the Pacific North Region adopted region-wide projects such as the Second Chance initiative and the distribution of women’s hygiene kits to shelters. They also regularly served meals at local shelters and distributed meal bags to the homeless. The video features a blood drive organized to help the American Red Cross and Sai volunteers engaged in building tiny houses for the homeless.

Region 7, Northern California & Nevada Projects

The video features service carried out by SSSIO volunteers from this region, including the donation of care kits to needy communities, and backpacks with school supplies and other essentials to students in low-income school districts. In the face of COVID, SSSIO members found new ways to continue delivering food to the homeless and provide tutoring in math to students in underserved communities by switching to a virtual platform.

Region 8, Pacific South Region Service Projects

The video features three service projects by SSSIO members in the Pacific South Region - the distribution of backpacks and groceries to families affected by wildfires in San Diego County; collaboration with school districts to distribute more than 900 hygiene kits to students experiencing homelessness; and a long-standing project of 30 years involving the weekly distribution of food to more than 200 homeless people in San Diego County.

Region 9, Southwest Region Service Projects

Despite the ongoing pandemic, SSSIO members from Southwest Region practiced selfless service, addressing needs whenever possible. They fed the homeless at several shelters, provided Sai Care hygiene kits for homeless women and children, supported formerly incarcerated people to reenter society and engaged in several Envirocare projects. The video also features messages of gratitude from various recipients of the service.

Region 10, South-Central Region Service Projects

The video describes service projects by SSSIO members in South-Central Region in 2021, including a year-long disaster relief service to hurricane-ravaged communities in Louisiana. It also features blanket distribution during the Texas freeze, various green projects, distribution of food and essential items, and online educational workshops. Watch moving testimonials by recipients who thank the Sai community profusely for their love and dedication.