Tornado Disaster Relief, Franklin, Texas

After a tornado wrecked devastation on the town of Franklin in Texas, SSIO members in Texas stepped in to provide much needed disaster relief.

SSE Vegetable Garden, Louisville, Kentucky

The SSE students of Louisville Sai Center, Kentucky, planted a vegetable garden and experienced firsthand the miracle of Mother Nature.

95 Adopted Communities Global Initiative, Santa Ana, Southern California

As part of the SSIO’s global initiative to adopt 95 communities for Sai Baba’s 95th birthday in 2020, the Southern California Region has adopted and continues to serve needy school children and their families in the Santa Ana community.

Plastic bag and polystyrene foam ban, Northborough, MA

A 10th grade student of the Northborough Sai Center actively campaigned to ban the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam in her hometown and was successful in getting the bylaws she helped propose, pass with overwhelming support at the annual Town Hall meeting.