Theme: Women are Beacons of Light

March 25th, Saturday, 2023, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT

Guest Speaker: Kuppam Vijayamma



Vijaya Kumari, popularly known as Kuppam Vijayamma, is an ardent and longstanding devotee of Bhagavan and the author of the famous book Anyatha Sharanam Nasti – which literally means “Other than You there is no refuge”. Her other books are Badri Yatra, Supreme Devotion, and Maya and Master. 

On Vijaya’s very first family trip to Puttaparthi in 1945, Swami addressed them as the Kuppam family, and they affectionately addressed young Baba as Swami. Swami lovingly called her ‘Kumar-Amma’.

Her family spent extended periods of time in Puttaparthi during the Patha Mandiram or Old Mandir Days.

Once at a gathering, Bhagavan declared- “I Love the Kuppam Family!” When asked why He said, “They keep singing to me and about me all the time wherever they are”. This soulful music is what rendered Vijayamma, her parents, brothers, and sisters to be so dear to Bhagavan.





Guest Speaker: Linda Ragsdale

The best way to describe Linda is “Light is always born from darkness". She is the creator of the Three-Peace Code Curriculum, Spark App, TedX speaker, 2017 El-Hibri Peace Education prize nominee, and 2018 Window on the World Mandala Prize winner. Linda Ragsdale is an award-winning author, illustrator, international speaker, and teacher. 

As a survivor of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack where her physically devastating wound of a machine gun bullet searing a two-and-a-half-foot path down her back, validates her message of peace, love, and compassion over retaliation or resentment. Whether the terrorist comes from outside or within, Ragsdale believes peace and love offer a balanced journey through every challenging event. Linda returned to India in 2010 to spread her message of love and peace. In 2011, the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows joined hands with the Peace Dragon and came up with the International Peace Curriculum.