All faiths have emphasized one common factor - that there is only One God and Truth is His form. There are no differences between Hindus, Muslims and Christians on this basic concept. All religions, all scriptures, all spiritual teachings point only to one truth - the unity of Divinity. Instead of realizing this, men are lost in wrong paths. Jesus sacrificed his life for the regeneration and welfare of mankind. 

Today there are some who exaggerate the so-called differences between different faiths and, for their own selfish purposes, exploit these differences and thereby bring a bad name to the great founders of these religions, who were spiritual giants. No prophet or messiah asked his followers to hate other religions or the followers of other faiths. Every religion has declared that God is One and that the Divine dwells in every being.

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 18/Ch. 30, Dec. 25, 1985.

A compilation of information and resources on spiritual topics.