You have joined the Study Class at Dharmakshethra, and are engaged in poring over all types of books and gathering information and instruction. But, what have you gained? Knowledge about what this author says or that sage teaches is not what your Study Circle must aim to acquire. Not information, but transformation; not instruction, but construction should be the aim. Theoretical knowledge is a burden, unless it is practiced, when it can be lightened into Wisdom, and assimilated into daily, life. Knowledge that does not give harmony and wholeness to the process of living is not worth acquiring. Every activity must be rendered valid and worthwhile by its contribution to the discovery of Truth, both of the Self and of Nature. Of what use is it to know everything about Nature, if you do not know anything of the Self? Nature is only a projection of the Self, and so, unless the Self is known, knowledge of Nature is either distorted or deceptive. The Self is Atma, of which the entire Creation is composed and so, knowledge of the Self alone can quench the thirst of man. 

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 12/Ch. 30, Mar. 03, 1974.

A compilation of study topics gathered that may be useful in conducting study circles.