“Whatever activity you may be engaged in, wherever you may be, however you may fare, be convinced that you are ever in God, that all is Divine, that all acts are offerings to the glory of God, and thus make your lives full and fruitful."

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 15 (December 25, 1982) 

Announcements regarding Young Adults (YA) related events are featured here.  All Young Adults are invited and encouraged to participate in these events.   

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International YA Veda Program Details in https://www.sathyasai.org/ya/veda
Date to be announced soon  National Young Adults Conference  Planning is underway to conduct a National YA conference mid-2021 to connect Young Adults across all Regions in the USA to share the experience and insights on the YA program, explore and deep dive into topics of interest.  
July 2022  World Young Adults Festival 2022 

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