The good deeds and thoughts that one welcomes and entertains during the years of life will stand in good stead, firm, like a good friend, when one is nearing the end. So, you, young men and women, must resolve to engage yourselves in acts that promote your peace and progress and the peace and progress of all mankind. Do not damage your future by pursuing temporary benefits and selfish aggrandizement. Yearn for and earn good friends, who will keep you on an even keel. Have above all, God, as your unfailing guide and friend.

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 12, 24th May 1973

Reports from council meetings are good resources for the Young Adults that provides information on the following but not limited to  

  • YA activities across regions and centers 

  • Roles and responsibilities of YA officers and members 

  • Process description 

  • Global engagements as part of the SSSIO

  • Committee assignments 

  • Leadership initiatives 

  • Service projects 

  • Learning opportunities