"Our joys and sorrows are the reflection of our own actions; they are not caused by others. To blame others for our sorrows is a big mistake. Everything in this world is reaction, reflection, and resound. Every person is their own witness. Acquire education that gives knowledge of the Self.  Only the youth are capable of protecting this world. It is the youth and youth alone who can set this world right. No nation can stand without youth."

 Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 39, 27th May 2006

Role of Sai Youth in World Crisis

The world's prosperity or otherwise is based upon the character of the youth--men and women.

Seek God Within

There is no teacher greater than the conscience. There is no preceptor greater than time. The world verily is the greatest text. God is the only true friend.

Adhere to Truth, Realize Divinity Within

Though people may follow several spiritual paths, truth is the most important of all. One who follows truth and righteousness will always be successful.

Cultivate Character, Lead an Ideal Life

If you say that the world is not a bed of roses but is a place of misery, the fault lies in you, the inhabitants. It is character that marks the life of a good individual.

Manifest the Divine Within You

God and the individual are not different from each other.  Man is the repository of all divine potencies. They are all latent in him.

Youth Should Transform the World

Only young men and women are capable of eradicating the evils prevailing in society. If we have virtuous youth, all ills of society can be removed.

Love God, Fear Sin, Guard Human Values

There is no greater teacher than your heart. Time is a great preacher. The world is a scriptural text. God is the great friend.

Always Be Happy and Peaceful

You desire to have bliss. But, from where do you get bliss? Bliss has to come from within. You are, in fact, the embodiment of bliss.

Resolutions of Second World Youth Conference, 1999

Resolutions that include following the 9-point Code of Conduct, undertaking one project of significant benefit for welfare of society, and more.

Only Love for God Is True Love

Man develops attachment to many people, but he is unable to experience true love. True love originates only from God. Love is God.