Divinity is manifest in every living being. The same Atma Tattwa (Atmic principle) is present not only in human beings but in every living being in the universe. But one has to have a pure and selfless heart to realize this truth. In order to realize this truth, every human being has to constantly contemplate on God. By doing so, your heart will become pure and peaceful. The moment you attain that stage, God will surely perceptibly manifest in you. This must be your sadhana.

God never gives darshan to people who have no purity of the heart. Hence, if you wish to have the darshan of God, you must develop purity of the heart. All kinds of sadhana are meant only to attain purity. The moment you attain purity of the heart, the omnipresent God will manifest right in front of you.

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 38 (2005)