Sri Sathya Sai International Organization-USA

Testimonials- Peer Enrichment Group


 The Peer Enrichment group training gave us amazing insight into the possibilities of empowering Sai Women with the right topics and tools. With this model in mind, we did our first enrichment session Sister Manibala (Dallas Sai Center member and corporate leader in Dallas-Fort Worth area) on the topic "Embracing your Power".

Sri Sathya Sai National Women’s Peer Enrichment group facilitated a wonderful panel discussion which helped us to understand the guidelines, purpose, boundaries, and norms of the group. With the guidance provided, we had a couple of enrichment sessions for Sai sisters in Ann Arbor Sai center. We came up with the name “Sai Soul Sisters” for our group. We started with fun activities to create a warm environment for the sisters to share, empower, and open up.

The peer enrichment group training module brought new understanding to “Effective Listening” and drawing Sai-based solutions from within, in my interactions at our North Bay ladies’ group, at work and with family and friends. Setting boundaries and self-care has especially been helpful in difficult and serious conversations. I feel more confident and grounded in my interactions.