Cultivate love and cleanse your hearts with that Love. Spend that Love in service and that will make it grow. I accept only one offering from the World, Love – sacred selfless Love, manifested as  service, as brotherhood, as tenderness of heart, as compassion. 

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, 21 November 1985 

Swami expounds that social  service  should be regarded as an expression of gratitude to society for what it has done to us.  He states that “We must push away the selfishness in us and undertake the task of helping others”.  In Swami’s words, “Service  rendered without egotism, however small, can be highly beneficial. It must emanate from a tender heart which responds to every sob and groan and is ready to renounce and suffer gladly. One must have the eagerness to get involved with others to feel fullness thereby. One must cultivate forbearance and inner strength, in order to avoid resentment at criticism and ridicule while one is engaged in joyful  service”. 

Community outreach programs organized by The Sri Sathya Sai Organization are offerings to Swami to show gratitude and selflessness.  Members of the Sri Sathya Sai Organization volunteer to provide service to different groups of the community without discrimination.  Swami’s message of “Love All Serve All” is the guiding force behind all their activities to the communities that they serve. These services include catering to refugees’ needs and adopting communities, providing foster care kids, volunteering at walk-a-thons or runs for a cause.

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