Articles of Devotees’ transformational experiences

“Some people feel intoxicated by the emotions or get almost mad on account of the devotion they have. But such overpowering emotions have to be mastered. One has to transform devotion into spiritual wisdom and become stronger thereby. One’s life is meaningful only because one can use it to see God. The goal of life is the final merging in the sea, God."

- Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 3 (1963)

“Transformation must begin with the individual. When the individual changes, the world will change. This transformation has to take place in the minds of men. Right thoughts will lead to right actions. That is why the scriptures have declared that the mind is the cause of man's bondage or liberation.” 

- Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 23 (1990)

By claiming wholeness, devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba grow into identity with all-pervasive Divine Spirit.  Please click on a story link to enjoy the fellowship of other devotees and share the victory of their spiritual transformation.  

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Self-Transformation through Singing Devotional Songs (Bhajans)

A devotees' self-transformative experience by offering her devotional singing skills to Swami.

Self-transformation through Service

A devotees' self-transformative experience while engaged in service.

Learning to Serve with the Right Attitude

A devotees' experience in realizing the importance of rendering service with the right attitude

Spiritual Transformation of Twin Hearts!

Sibling devotees talk about how Swami has guided them right since childhood.

Transformation through 'Dress a Girl' project

A devotees' experience of spiritual transformation through sewing little girls' dresses

My Inspiration to Aspire for Transformation

A devotees' experience of Mother Sai, who has a thousand mothers' love, showed her that a mother is much more.

Becoming Sai Messengers of Prema & Seva

“Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never” was one of the initial teachings we learned in Sathya Sai Education classes.

Our Love for Lunch Project

A devotee recollects her love for a long-term lunch project which expanded her heart and transformed her life through the service.

A River Runs Through – John Harrison

A devotee recollects his transformative journey over the years of service, cleaning Ventura river.

Swami is the Pilot

A center officer’s inner guidance to consider Swami as the pilot to navigate the center during the pandemic.

A Musical Metaphor for Unity

A center officer’s inner guidance of musical metaphor highlighting unity at three levels - with Swami, among fellow officers, and with center members.

Where is the True Sai Center?

A devotee's realization of a true Sai Center, a place to connect with her heart center.