Videos of devotees' transformational experiences 

Why does the Divine attract? Is it to deceive or mislead? No. It is to transform, reconstruct, reform - a process called samskara (refinement). What is the purpose of the reconstruction? To make the person useful and serviceable for society, to efface his ego, and to affirm in him the unity of all beings In God.

- Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 13 (1975 - 77) 

Man has the ability to learn new things and to change himself. Unlike animals, he is endowed with infinite capacity for learning and can transform himself into a better person. He can sublimate and refine his instincts and give up his vicious habits. He can achieve anything by his own effort.

- Summer Showers 1979 

The brief videos offered here are meant to fan the flame of our spiritual effort. They contain the insights and transformational experiences of devotees, offered in the spirit of selfless service.    

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