New Year must usher in a new step in spiritual discipline. The old must be rung out; the new must be rung in! How do we celebrate the New Year Day? We sweep, we clean, we remove the cobwebs, we whitewash the walls, we hang up festoons and greens, floral garlands and croton leaves; we wear new dresses, we feast on new types of dishes. For one day, we feel fresh and renovated. At this time of the year, Nature too puts on a new garb of green; every tree is gay with flowers. The green carpet on the earth is speckled with multi-colored floral dots! In this festival of renewal, man alone continues with his old prejudices and tendencies, outworn habits and moth-eaten principles. Should not he too brush the cobwebs from his mind? Should he not get rid of opinions and motives which tarnish and demean.

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 11/Ch. 18, March 27, 1971

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