This webinar covers the nuances of Singing for Sai including types of songs, usage/role of musical instruments especially harmonium, differentiating between speeds, etc. 

This webinar is facilitated by brother Manoj Govindraj, an accomplished singer and musician. His music journey began early on in life at the tender age of three. He learned music professionally under the tutelage of Mrs. Vineeta Tembe. His mentors include Pandit Prabhakar Karekar and Mr. and Mrs. Prem. A rank-holder and a gold medalist from Mumbai University, Manoj completed Master of Fine Arts in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music in 1999. Manoj has received several awards and accolades as well as opportunities to sing for Sai in Prasanthi Nilayam during Ashadhi Ekadashi festivties from 1997 to 2003. 

Manoj teaches Hindustani classical and light music (vocal and harmonium) at the Swarras School of Music, Piscataway, New Jersey. He is a member of Sathya Sai Center of East Brunswick.