As the parent(s) of a child (children) attending the Sai Spiritual Education Class, I now pledge:

  • My child’s regular and timely attendance to the classes, group activities, and excursions.
  • My personal interest in what the child is taught in the class and my assistance to the teacher in reinforcing the benefits of each class between classes.
  • That my child wears appropriate and modest clothes to class.
  • My encouragement to my child in practicing daily prayer, silent sitting, and devotional singing at home between class meetings.
  • My encouragement to my child to maintain a spiritual diary as directed by his or her teacher.
  • To regulate my child’s friends so that he or she keeps good company.
  • My attendance at meetings and events arranged by the SSE teachers, including parent group meetings.
  • My cooperation with the teacher if she or he should make a home visit and when solving problems pertaining to my child

Because I/We recognize the importance of regular attendance in order for my/our child/children to receive the maximum benefit from the Sathya Sai Spiritual Education Program, I/We pledge that my child/children will attend the classes, group activities, and service projects regularly and on time.

Note: When you register your children at the SSE Family Registration page please acknowledge that you have read and agree to the SSE Parents’ Pledge.