Swami stands for practical science, not platform speeches. You need not do a lot, but at least practice one teaching. When you practice even one sincerely, you will be redeemed.

Sathya Sai Baba, July 27, 2002

Ongoing training and enrichment workshops are offered in each region. Please contact your Regional SSE Coordinator for more details about the workshops closest to you. 

Teacher training

When you teach children, you must remember that you are engaged in a noble task for the sake of the children entrusted to your care. You must feel that you are educating yourselves when you are educating the children. When you impart knowledge to the children, your own understanding of the subject improves. When you study information for teaching, you derive joy from that study. Always have the feeling that whatever you do for others is in reality a service done to the Divine, which resides in everyone. When teachers do their duty in this spirit, they will imbue the children with the spirit of universal love. Remember that children have tender hearts and innocent minds. Only if you fill their hearts with love will the world have genuine peace.

Sathya Sai Baba, 1983

The Sai Spiritual Education Teacher Manual is available through the Sathya Sai Book Store, Tustin, CA. The teacher training workshops go through the manual in detail along with exercises to create and teach a lesson.

We offer teacher training workshop material online as a self paced tutorial. Click on the link below:

SSE teacher training online

In this brief video Berniece talks about the importance of SSE teachers.

Training for parents

To instill in the minds of the young the values of prayer, humility, and loving service to others, the homes have to be the first schools. The parents have to be imbued with faith in the basic universal truth of all religions. They must be seen worshiping at the family altar, meditating in silence, forgiving faults in others, and showing sympathy for pain and grief. Children should not see them worried, helpless, discontent, or distressed, as if they have no God to lean upon, no inner resource of strength and courage to fall back on.

Sathya Sai Speaks, March 4, 1967

Parents can attend the SSE Teacher Training workshops or read the teacher manual to become educated about the program and Swami's message to the parents. Parents should actively participate in the Parent Study Group which is an important part of the program. Special workshops for SSE parents are conducted regionally. Please contact your SSE Regional Education coordinator. 

Coordinators training

The SSE Coordinator is an officer of the Sai Center and usually selected from among the senior teachers. Traditionally the previous coordinator transitions the role and responsibilities to the new coordinator at the end of the 2 year term. The 10 regional coordinators are selected as part of the regional officer selection process and must be approved by the National Coordinator.

We plan to have upcoming training for the SSE coordinators. Please stay tuned.