Sai Spiritual Education in the Community, Denver, CO

An SSE teacher starts an outdoor weekly human values class in her neighborhood for a group of enthusiastic children. The children and their families are invited to participate in the Sai Center Birthday Celebrations with a play on Unity of Faiths, which transforms both children and their families as they embark on a journey of discovery of underlying principle of love in all faiths.

Free Healthcare at SAI Clinic, Atlanta, GA

The Sai Clinic in Atlanta has adopted an innovative model of delivery of medical services, inspired by the Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital in India. A travelling medical team brings regular free quality healthcare services to homeless shelters and a refugee community, going to uninsured patients where they are located in order to provide them quality healthcare.

Workshop on Sai Parenting, South Bethesda, MD

The Sathya Sai Center of South Bethesda, MD, held a Sai Parenting workshop where parents discuss the impact of SSE on their parenting, and learn the value and techniques of being a good listener through interactive role plays.

Podiatry Free Medical Camp, Clearwater, FL

The Sathya Sai Center of Clearwater, FL held a free Podiatry Medical Camp on Nov 3rd 2018, in which the volunteers lovingly washed the feet, provided foot care and preventive education, and fitted new shoes and socks for 190 patients. Patients express their deep sense of gratitude in a video interview.