The Sathya Sai Baba Center of Clearwater, along with the St. Petersburg Free Clinic and Pinellas County Health Department, held a Podiatry Camp on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, at Pinellas County Health Department in St. Petersburg, Florida

A total of eight podiatrists, one medical doctor, 16 nurses and 48 non-medical volunteers came together to provide loving and compassionate care to 190 patients.  

The patients were greeted by a volunteer and then guided into a room, where their feet were washed and fitted with a new pair of socks. Medical assistants then checked the patient’s blood pressure and blood sugar levels. After the patients were provided a continental breakfast, they were examined by podiatrists who provided them with the foot care and also educated them on prevention of foot problems. 

After the medical consultation, patients had their records scanned and the original document were given back to them. Volunteers escorted the patients to another room where they were fitted with new shoes and given two pairs of socks to promote foot hygiene. They also received sunglasses, a hat or lap blanket, and a boxed lunch.

For many patients, the experience of being lovingly tended to, and having their feet washed and examined was new to them and touched them profoundly. They expressed a deep sense of gratitude for what they felt was quality loving care given by podiatrists and volunteers who genuinely cared. Overall, the feedback received was very positive.