Sri Sathya Sai Center of Greater Hartford, CT, carried out a hands-on learning experience on composting for their Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) students and their parents on, April 23, 2022 in observance of Aradhana Mahotsavam. Thirty-eight people gathered in the backyard of Sai Center members who have been composting for decades to learn about methods of composting. They learned about plastic or wood compost bins placed on the ground, which can be used to decompose fruit, vegetable scraps, and wood chips in about a year into usable compost soil. They also learned about a heavily-insulated heated composting tumbler developed in Sweden which rotates around a bar three feet off the ground, and decomposes food scraps rapidly, creating a usable compost soil in about eight weeks.     



SSE students had a fun hands-on opportunity to practice composting and, with great glee, they placed leaves, small sticks, food scraps, and a bit of previously composted materials into the composting bin. A few brave ones even held worms in their hands! The students learned that worms are a prized feature of backyard compost piles, but cannot be placed in the tumblers because of the extreme heat. The students were very curious and eagerly asked many questions, including some about where worms live, how composting works, and how hot the piles become.       

Exploring the natural world through a natural process like composting is a joyous way for students to experience stewardship of planet Earth. Learning about biological systems through hands-on activities and practical application, such as composting food scraps, leads to fuller understanding of the inter-relatedness that exists within nature and a greater appreciation for the value of recycling. When the head, heart and hands are involved in learning, Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s 3HV program is activated.  The seed of caring for the planet is planted in the students’ hearts.