Care Bags for Chicagoland Schools, Chicago West Suburbs, IL

Sai Spiritual Education students from Chicago West suburbs, IL organized and distributed 101 care bags to custodial workers and cafeteria staff in various schools in Chicagoland as a way of expressing their appreciation.

Diaper Service, Greater Phoenix, AZ

SSSIO members in Phoenix, AZ, provide an important often overlooked service in donating diapers for single mothers and their babies living in poverty, as well as adult incontinence briefs for impoverished elderly. Emphasis is on providing materials of quality, addressing mental health, self-confidence and quality of life.

Helping Afghan Refugees Resettle, Houston, Texas

Volunteers from Sri Sathya Sai Center of South Houston have actively assisted newly arrived Afghan refugees in Houston resettle by providing groceries and other essential items, and helping them improve their English skills, find jobs and attain self-sufficiency.

SSSIO-USA Free Healthcare Screening Camps

The video provides an overview of free healthcare services provided, for the past many years, by the SSSIO to populations lacking access to healthcare in the USA. Listen to patients express their gratitude for the benefits of free healthcare screening camps, while a volunteer doctor reflects on her personal experience serving at the camp. News ways of delivering free healthcare services in the future are also discussed.